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sunyoungwrites asked:
YAH!!!! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU WERE ON TUMBLR!?!?!? I'm totally going to reblog the SHITS out of you!!! <3333

I love me some korean sister love!! <3

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cheyennekphotography asked:
What are some tips you would give a photographer who wants to try her hand at boudoir photography?

My advice is to just shoot. Self portraiture is always a great way to start to build confidence to shoot other people. start with your friends and then when you feel comfortable with your portfolio, start booking clients. :) Fake  it til you make it! :)

I have an online class if you’re interested

Good luck and HAVE FUN!!

We just found this awesome blog post on how our creativeLIVE Boudoir with Rachel Stephens Photography course was inspiring. VERY COOL!!! PLEASE SHARE!

I’ve done so much with so little for so long I can do practically anything with nothing and still have something left over.”

- My dad, Charles “Chuckles” Stephens

Boudoir Photography with Rachel Stephens | Trailer

This was the post course trailer. I am so honored and blown away to be part of the creativeLIVE family!

Please ask them to have us back! We already have our next class all ready to go: How to take the show on the road and expand your client base regionally or nationally with travel